We decline all responsibility for any damage (including that to third parties) resulting from improper use or application of Maverick Bond industrial adhesive or any other Maverick products.

Do not swallow. Avoid inhaling vapors. It may stick skin within seconds. In such event, roll stuck area side to side. Do not pull against the bonded area. Apply Maverick Clean, acetone or nail polish remover to area for aid. Clean off hands using soap and warm water. Residual glue does not wash off immediately but will flake off over an hour or so.

Instructions for use
You may either cut the tip with scissors or pinhole the nozzle. Please ensure the opening is not too large as this may dispense too much glue.

Drop the adhesive lightly on only one side of the surface and apply firm pressure to the area glued for a few seconds. The glue will reach handling tenacity within a few seconds to a few minutes – subject to material porosity. The bond will fully cure and reach maximum strength within 6 hours. For larger surfaces, apply drops per 2-3cm or as required.

After use, clean off any excess glue on the nozzle with a cloth or any other suitable material. Gently tap the base of the bottle on any surface to ensure residual glue trapped in the nozzle drops back down the bottle and the nozzle remains clean.

Store the bottle upright in a cool place away from sunlight. Where possible, store in a refrigerator to maximize the shelf life of the product. Where neither is possible, obtain a container and fill the inside with paper, foam or bubble wrap and place the glue in the center of the container to insulate against the heat.

Occasionally, residual glue build up around the nozzle due to heat exposure – not air contact – can block the nozzle. If the nozzle becomes blocked, refrain from cutting the nozzle further (opens too big a hole thereby dispensing too much glue) or pinning a new hole (any hardened glue that falls into the remaining glue can contaminate and harden the glue). Rather, push firmly against the nozzle and remove from the bottle. Place the nozzle into some acetone (about 4 hours) or nail polish remover (about 8 hours) and the nozzle will be cleaned. Alternatively, if the Maverick Clean is available, interchange the nozzles between the Maverick Bond and Maverick Clean. Tip the Maverick Clean upside down for approximately 1 hour to clean the nozzle.

Avoid putting glue onto the skin – it may bond in seconds. In such situations, DO NOT pull against the glue, rather roll the fingers side to side or rub together. On tight bonds or where such rolling action is not possible, apply the Maverick Clean or acetone and repeat the roll or rubbing action for a few seconds or until the glue releases.

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