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MAVERICK FILL – chemical weld.
A powder to be used in conjunction with the MAVERICK BOND to fill or stem puncture/holes/gaps, build back broken surfaces, give additional strength to joins or act as a sealant. Particularly useful when surface area available is inadequate thus weak on the shear, the MAVERICK FILL will ensure additional strength.Apply MAVERICK FILL of approximately 2-3mm thickness and impregnate thoroughly with MAVERICK BOND. Setting time is a few second, however, allow few minutes if the Fill is to be processes mechanically, tapped or varnished.Commonly referred to as a micro balloon, it is made up of silica, alumna and quartz. Applying Maverick Bond as a hardener, it creates an exothermic reaction to weld the powder components together.

Particularly effective and useful in doing plastic mold and fiberglass repairs.

MAVERICK FILL is non-toxic, does not damage the environment and can be disposed of together with household wastes. Suitable for all materials.

Put on MAVERICK FILL and soak thoroughly with MAVERICK BOND.
The stability of such on, usually impossible joint, can be obtained by using MAVERICK FILL.
Knocked out or broken off materials can be refilled with MAVERICK FILL and can then be fixed by putting on MAVERICK BOND.
In connection with MAVERICK BOND, MAVERICK FILL is most suitable to refill and replace broken off material of any kind.