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Homopolar synthetics such as Polyethylene (PE) or Polypropylene (PP) without pretreatment cannot be glued permanently with any glue. Other materials, such as Teflon and some polyurethane, also encounter similar difficulties.The surface energy of these polyofines ranges around 30mN/m, which leads to problems in moistening these materials with the glue. In practice, however, it is just these materials that are frequently employed because of their excellent properties. Still, when glued together, the results were not satisfactory or it was not possible at all.

Previously, adhesion on such plastics could only be successful done by heat welding.

MAVERICK PRIME now offers a practical possibility to gain, by simple means of a high degree of tenacity when gluing homopolar materials with cyanoacrylatic glues. The low-viscous solution is applied to the material and, after the non-polluting dissolvent evaporates in 20-60 seconds, MAVERICK BOND is applied. The joining can be performed by fitting the parts together and exerting pressure for a short moment.

After the hardening, which may take between 2 to 6 hours depending on the combination of materials – generally allow a minimum of few hours – you will often gain combined tension and shear resistance of more then 6N/mm.

Storage time between MAVERICK PRIME ACTIVATOR treatment and bonding
Method of application: Brush application
Evaporation time: about 60 seconds
Contact force: about 20 seconds
Curing conditions: 6 hrs, 68 F: 60% relative humidity of air
Test strip: PE and / or PP, 100x25x3mm
Overlay: simple 10mm