Application of the glue and usage Tips

Things to avoid for best results

1. Refrain from using too much glue. Excessive use of the glue makes it too difficult for the glue to work – requiring additional drying time or in some cases it may not work at all. If too much glue is accidentally applied, shake of excess glue if possible or apply pressure and hold the joined area longer then normal. Do not apply glue to both sides only to one side.

2. Allow the glue an opportunity to set. As all materials vary in densities and properties, the MAVERICK BOND’S performance varies. If in doubt, allow more time for the glue to cure before testing the results. Remember, it can reach handling tenacity in a few seconds but fully cures in 6 hours.

3. Ensure there is sufficient surface area. Insufficient surface contact can break the bond if tension or pressure applied is greater then the contact resistance available. In such situations, apply the MAVERICK FILL to create more surface area for greater resistance.

4. Cleanliness of the surface will affect the performance of the glue. Surface contaminants such as dust, moisture, rust or grease can and will interfere with the glue. Ensure surface is thoroughly clean by using MAVERICK CLEAN or other cleaning agents.