MaverickBond 20g

MaverickBond 20g

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MAVERICKBOND Industrial adhesive is a high quality product of modern chemistry. It represents a sensational development in the field of adhesive technology.

It is based on an alpha-Cyanoacrylate ester and utilizes an anaerobic process to form incredible bonds in seconds.

MAVERICKBOND is the result of many years of research and professional testing. For manufacturing reasons it is almost impossible to obtain a higher degree of distillation.

  • The main benefits of MaverickBond are;
  • Forms strong bonds within seconds
  • Unlimited range of adhesive possibilities – on any materials
  • Excellent shelf life (minimum of 3 years)
  • Fully flexible finish
  • Clear dry on glass and crystals
  • Does not attack or damage acrylic plastics such as Perspex
  • Both UV and waterproof
  • Temperature tolerant between -70° C to 200° C


Additional information 

Size - 31 x 18 mm

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